Thursday, October 9, 2014

My MEST Story

Prior to MEST I was a startup idea junkie.. hopping from one idea to another. Thankfully I have something I think is worth chasing after.

Choosing to enroll at MEST for a 2 year program was a tough choice, but the value was hard to ignore. I also realized that, if I was to succeed in any venture, I needed people. The hardest part of this whole puzzle was going to be people. Good people; building a formidable team and starting a venture together. I realized I had to think people and relationships as all in life balls down to the connections you are able to make early on - Your network is pre' much your net worth. Inside joke inside :)
Enrolling at MEST did not seem like the obvious thing to do. I would like to think the average person in my situation would not have chosen to signup for MEST, considering the duration, but I thought 2 years is worth everything. Seemed long, but heck...time flies really fast these days.

The goal is build a profitable company and MEST facilitates this greatly. Best of all, I get to do so with brilliant people.

Not many things are as good as a community of fine people who share a similar goal. By creating an atmosphere of knowledge, collaboration and learning made possible by the MEST team, working to facilitate your success, Meltwater increases the odds for reaching your goals. Just want I needed.

Having proven their value over the past years by evolving mere mortals into software entrepreneurs, some featured by the world's most prestigious startup event, TCdisrupt, you cannot but expect that this is a big deal. From MEST I expected the BEST entrepreneurial training anyone could find on the continent.

Day 47 and the challenge is on. It's been like ball juggling and the balls are in my court, It's left what I do with them. The experience so far has been challenging and fun, in a right mix.

What is quite amazing at MEST is the collaboration culture. This was very reflective during the selection process. The team were out for the finest individuals, those with the greatest potentials. Sieving out these people was a collaborative process that involved the people themselves, that, in itself emphasizes the value the organization places on collaboration.
"It starts and ends with people" - Jørn
I love people, I #lovemest .

Would keep you posted. Ciao!


  1. I met Jorn a few months back at UCL and I was really blown away by the feats that Meltwater is accomplishing in Ghana. Talk about learning entrepreneurship the practical way. I'm glad you are experiencing this firsthand. Sounds pretty amazing.

    Now thinking of how we can replicate this model in Nigeria. Surely we need this, even more than we need "accelerators"

    1. Jorn is simply amazing. Nice to know you've met him.