Thursday, December 24, 2015

My sugarcubes 2015 :)

Sugar cubes from this year's MESTmas
"Hey man!
Thanks for all the support. It's been nice knowing you." - Chidi
Thanks 4 ur awesomeness & ever-willingness to help. Blessings! -Tabby
PS: Keep Jesus flame burning!"
"Ayo, I appreciate greatly your enthusiasm and spirit and everything you bring to the school"- Todd
"Ayo, you are blessed beyond measure much love, " -Mary
"Well done" - anonymous
"Ayo, I really enjoy our walks on Sunday!
You are awesome :) - Nyawira
" ayo - You are a creative mind! I appreciate your work ethic and unique perspective on things! Thanks for being you! Greatness is ahead! " - Emily
Merry Christmas :) - anonymous
"Keep being awesome " - Linus
Thanks all folks.
2015 was good.

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