Monday, September 16, 2013

Let's begin afresh.

The third blog. It's first home.
My first blog on the web which is a technology blog, had 1,2,3 homes before it's present location at .

It's been fun and impactful sharing my technology pieces on the internet, and I hope I can still lay hold on them in say 10-20 years from now. That aside.

Since I mostly talk about a different subject these days - Technology startup Development [still somewhat related to technology, but the business aspect of it ],
I thought it well to create a separate blog. I had this thought in 2012, but here I am posting the very first post today.

Something spurred it.

The need to conquer the word "start-up" - as a friend described it as the most abused word [arguably  ] in the technology space today.

The lessons so far are extremely insightful -  all thanks to the lean start-up fever I caught in Stanford's then, Venture-lab program- which in itself applied lean principles. Today there is Noeved, a product of that lean exploration. You probably have noticed the redirection of the link.

A thankful tweet:
Great lessons so far.

But beyond lean startup - this space, my friends, is where I would share my personal views on crossing the chasm between tech start-ups and tech business. May be doing some vlogs, for some content that may be lengthy in words.

"Theory is the language of the scholar, Pragmatism is the language of the leader." - Peter J Daniels

Only the doers count.

We need less teachers and more examples.

Technology is great. We shouldn't make is look bad by doing it wrongly.

So yeah.. that's it . Cheers to an exciting journey already.

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